Wednesday, November 4, 2015

a little update of me.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!!!

I'm sure you guys missed me right?? haha. It has been exactly 1 year and 5 month or 74 weeks or 518 days, since I last post something on my blog and it was about me graduating. Oh my, almost one and a half year since I left University. 

Sorry guys, to lazy and tired to write. But no worries, I'll get you all up to speed in this post. 

Here goes.... So, I am now working as a site engineer, and have been working since July 2014.
Yup, you guys heard me, already 1 year and 4 month. I started working one month after my final paper. I felt so blessed and cool and great and lucky to get a job even before my graduation ceremony. Although I did not get to work in my preferred company, I am thankful that I have a job. It is really hard to get a job now. So cannot be picky. and also with almost zero knowledge in the workforce, I cannot place high expectation. am I right??

So, if you guys wondering, what am I doing as a site engineer? What is my scope of work?
Listed below are some of what I do.

1. Prepare daily reports
2. Prepare wastage reports
3. Monitoring and tracking site progress
4. Managing workers and sub-contractors for constructions of bored piles, pilecap, column, crosshead, beams, parapet and kerbs.

Yup, I did all this in the past year. I can tell you, it is not as easy as I wrote, cause the quantity and size of the structures built is not small. and with the additional of internal problems rises. It did not helped as well.

Oh, forgot to mention, I work in a construction company which focus on building bridges and elevated highways. 

And...... My first project is AKLEH phase 2. It is an extension of AKLEH from Jelatek interchange to MRR2 interchange. It's open for traffic by the way. Yesterday (3/11/2015). If you guys have the time, or living close, you are welcome to test drive on the new road. But I cannot give any discount on toll. sorry, way out of my power. Haha. 

I was thinking of sharing my experience on site. The problems faced, the happy moments, the frustration period, the down time, and so on. But maybe in the next post okay? Too much words in one post is not good. Even my short post are boring, you can tell how boring it will be if I wrote longer. haha. 

Alright, see you guys soon. have a nice day/night. where ever you are. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Undergraduate study completed.

31st May 2014 marks my last day of undergraduate studies. Didn't felt much sadness though. A friend of mine, whom already started his first professional job in Prasarana Sdn Bhd (Malaysia largest public transport provider) on 5th May 2014, had been saying how sad he is for not being able to spend more time with friends, ISOC brothers and so on. I had advice him to be grateful for not many got the chance to secure a job before their undergrad studies completed. Obviously, at that time I didn't feel what he felt. After finishing my last paper, my friend starts working again two days later. I haven't got the chance to meet him after our last paper. I was not on campus nor near Semenyih for two days. 

Today, I went to TTS to clear up my things from the house I rented during study period. I went to the Nottingham mosque, prayed Zohor and Asar, and greet brothers after prayer, telling them that I'm leaving for home. This is the part where I started to feel very sad to leave Nottingham Uni. The day today was not that sunny, clouds covered the skies and drizzly rain through out the afternoon till evening. Winds are strong, blowing the trees when I walk toward the mosque. The perfect weather to accompany a sorrow feeling. 

As I walk, I observe the landscape of the campus, the building itself, students and staff. I couldn't believe that it has been 5 years since I first entered this university for my foundation. This uni had given me valuable experience and memories. Though not all are happy, but it is an experience that help me grew to be more mature and independent. I am much grateful to make friends here. Regardless of any background, race and gender differences, they all had played an important role in my life. 

Being in the last stage of my undergrad life (waiting to start working and graduation) I felt a bit regret for not fully using my 5 years time here to make more friends, built networks, confidence, and enhance any skills. And the ironic part is, I wish studied more to gain first class degree, in the same time, play and enjoy to the fullest. Too bad my time management wasn't that good during the early years of degree. 

Given the chance to meet my past, I would definitely give these advices. 

  1. Study smart and hard but don't forget to play equally hard. 
  2. Enjoy university life but always remember Allah.
  3. Actively join the Islamic Society Community from the first time you enter Nottingham Uni.
  4. Mingle around meet new people, build networks, you'll never know what's ahead.
  5. Always strive to improve without having to feel ashamed of your weaknesses. This is where the weaknesses isn't a matter.
  6. Be a good Muslim and always learn for the sake of Allah. 
  7. Remember, if you want the world to change, It must starts from yourself. 

To end this post, I would forward my sincere gratitude to my final year project (FYP) supervisor, Mr Ioannes Tang for the support given in completing my project. Also a moral support and advice in my studies and future planning. 

Many thanks to my friends with their supports especially to Hazwani Haris and Nik Izzat. I love you guys. Best girlfriend and companion ever. I don't know what to do if you guys are not around. Good luck with your future endeavour. I'll make doa that you guys will gain success in both now and in the hereafter.

A token of appreciation for The University of Nottingham for the opportunity given to study here. Thank you for all the experience.  

Last but not least, many thanks to my parents for believing me and entrusted me to study here in University of Nottingham both Malaysia Campus and UK Campus. As well as their support throughout my five years of study here. Not to mention financial support. :D

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Change your Attitude, Change the World.

Assalamualaikum and hello readers,

Today will be an interesting post. At least it is more interesting from my previous post. I think. :p I've been talking about this to my close friends a lot. Now I think I need to spread it so that others will have the same realisation if they still don't. Okay, here goes.

I've been in United Kingdom (UK) last year for studying, to be exact, Nottingham, UK. I've been listening to so many stories about people in UK before. How ethic they are, how polite they are, how great the facilities is, how reliable the public transport is.  So, last year, 2012 to 2013, I've experience most of it. It's true, people over there are friendly, the drivers will say 'hi' when we board the bus, people say thank you to the bus drivers before getting off the bus, and the cashier will greet you with a smile. I felt very welcome over there. To be honest, there is one point that I feel like I'm actually home, except for the amount of British people. :p

Going there really broadens my mind. I've a thought. Why Malaysians cannot be like the British, in terms of the reliability of public transport, the cleanliness of the toilets. Oh, and they are also polite on the road. You can hardly find people overtake using the emergency lane, people don't tail gate that much, during my stay there, I never encounter people tailgating. I can list more, but that is not the point of my post today. It's not that I'm not grateful being a Malaysian, is just that, I want Malaysia to be better that any other country. 

I had had a thought about this, I've been analysing, and I think, the root problem is attitude. Why our toilets are dirty? Why we have so many road bullies? Why our public transports are is not reliable? One of the reasons is attitude. We have developed selfishness in ourselves. We don't take responsible and like to pass it to others.

For example, you just use the toilet, and refuse to flush, or even clean up the mess you made just because you think the cleaner should do it. 

Another example, you are driving and stuck in a traffic jam. The bus lane or the emergency lane is empty, so you go into the lane and overtake others just because you're in a hurry. Other people will be furious and follow you. 

Another one, at the traffic light, you've queued long enough, the green light is too short, so you decided to go even the light has turn yellow or even red. 

I think you can think of more things that should not happen right?

Here, I would like to urge all to stop the wrong doings. Try to think about our actions. We usually heard people complaining, but no action was taken by the complainers.

I believe that if you want to gain something, if you want people to act the right way, we must not being affected by others and start to change ourselves. If you want people to abide by the traffic laws, you should start abide it first. If you want people to stop being rude to others, make sure you are polite always, if you want people to leave the toilet as clean and dry as possible, you should make sure you leave it as you want to enter it. 

Change start from you. Don't wait for others to start. Change your mentality and urge others to change as well. Show a good example to other. InsyaAllah Malaysia will be better in the long run. Why wait when you can start now. Maybe it's hard at first, but when we educate others, it will eventually be easier as people will spread it themselves. 

So people, if you have been trying to spread this, please continue this kind act. I support you guys 100%, just make sure to be patient. Remember, while doing this, InsyaAllah Allah will give us reward. Do it with sincerity. 

For those who just having a realization, or probably still thinking about this, please act now. There's nothing to lose, it's for the better of the future. We should let go of our previous attitude and help Malaysia to improve.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Group Design Project brief Story.

Hello there readers. As usual, I'll use the same excuse again and again. I was busy. haha. But seriously guys, it's true, I am. Final year is like being a real engineer. A few projects need to be handle in one time, lots of dateline to meet, meeting here and there and etcetera. hehe.

Oh, this will just be a boring introduction, so If you guys want to read about my Group design Project, do scroll down and start at the blue phrase. 

Sooooo, cut short, next week will be my last week for this semester. yay? not? I don't know whether I should be happy or not. Yes, I'll have a three week 'holiday'. (actually study week la. hehe.)

But then again, I have loads of work, projects and studying to be done. 4 years in University of Nottingham (Foundation til 3rd year) is not as tough and as busy as my final year. Well, the degree clearly stated it's Masters in Engineering (MEng), almost the same level with Postgrad Masters, what do I expect right? haha.

Actually, I have lots of things to talk about. The Idea to write a post is always running back and forth in my mind, but when I have free time, it all gone. Hiding at places in my mind where I myself cannot find. Haha.

So now, I make my own free time to sit down and find those ideas back.

(hello brain, can I come in? I'm looking for my ideas.)

annnnddd another but comes in. I don't know where to start. haha. Too many things to talk about, but which one to choose? hmm, I'm lack of writing blogs skills la. anyone can help me?? hehe.

I'll just choose any topic that comes to my mind right now. So, I'm goin to talk about my Group Design Project (GDP). haha. okay, this will be a boring post (as if my previous post all was interesting). But if you guys are interested to know, continue reading okay?? Okay, thank you.

Okay, so finish with the introduction above, we go straight to GDP. hehe

My GDP topic is 5-Star Majestic Hotel, KL. So briefly, Hotel Majestic was built in 1930s, and me and my group are called to do construction and refurbishments on the Hotel. You can google Majestic Hotel KL, it is an existing building, just reopened in 2012. but we did not design that la. what we design and calculate is not ready yet. but need to submit it next week. (I'M GOING CRAZYY!!!)

So, we started quite bad. throughout the project, we had first, an initial presentation, then comes individual viva, final presentation, and lastly, submitting reports. In our initial presentation, there are about I think more than 6 lecturers and 2 more groups. We started the presentation well, but when it come to the design part, it was very bad. We even being asked to finish our presentation quickly. I assume because it's boring and not good. Right after finish presenting, one lecturer raise his hand and said, "so, I'm going to start comment first. This group is not good." Then he grinned and said "because none of the members in my group took Finite Element (his module)" and continue grinning. So the joking part was over. The faces of each lecturer are all serious and it's like there is lots of question marks on their faces. some look angry and unsatisfied. They ask questions, bashing us that our presentation is not good, no links between other members and so on.

But after finish commenting, there is still positive comments from them.  "The concept and idea is good, the only thing is how you present it. keep up the good work, consider what we've comments."

So, now the stressful period starts. I'm the group leader and I felt a heavy burden on my back. Thinking how to catch up with time as we need to redesign. Oh, I forgot to tell you, this group project is a complex project, means lecturer cannot help.

In the same time, we final year civil engineering student have another final year project (fyp). 2 projects in one year. botak kepala macam ni. hehe.

I encounter difficulties with my group members. At one time, everyone is doing their work not according to what we have discuss and agreed. Making the project is not link together.

During individual viva, our supervisor and moderator comment that my team management is not good as they did not see the link between the works done. Everyone did their work according to themselves. I was to blame.

After individual viva, I was more stern and I improved my management skills. Making sure everything works according to plan. At least most of it according to plan. hehe.

I would like to tell you guys what exactly each member did until I was furious. But.... nahh. no need to kan? hehe.

Finally, before final presentation, we had stayed for hours in meeting rooms and did our works. About two to three days we did that to make sure I know what everyone did, and making sure everyone knows about the progress.

During our presentation, surprisingly, we did very well. Our supervisor and moderator both impressed on the improvement we have made . Yeay!! hehe. what a relief. Now, need to focus on fyp then GDP report.

The End.

Sorry for the boring post guys. next time i'll try to make it more interesting. hehe.

Bye, Assalamualaikum. :)

Friday, March 15, 2013

A First Experience with a Muslim who Declines to Pray

Assalamualaikum. It has been awhile, again, hehe. I think every time I want to post something in my blog, I should put 'it has been awhile. :p hehe. How are you readers? Hope this post find you guys in great health and condition.

Yesterday, I attended a CV Workshop special for Nottingham Malaysian Society (NMS) members. I remembered that someone I know did not pray asar yet. He kept telling me that he had missed most of the time since… Well, let me tell you his side of the story, at least what he had told me.

The situation is sort of like this. Let’s call the person I’m talking about as X. X had missed some of the ‘solat fardhu’ in a day and someone knew about this (not sure how that person knew) and had advise him about the sins of not performing prayer, which is a good thing actually. Unfortunately, that guy did it in a harsh way. So X had a grudge with that guy decided not to perform ‘solat’ and let the guy be responsible for all the sins X made for not perform ‘solat’.

Reminiscing the time when a friend of mine told stories about how we should advice people, I start to admonish X as best as I could.  Alhamdulillah, he listens to me and accepts it with a small laugh. So, next two days, I saw him again and he kept telling me that he had missed 9 prayers in a row. So I continue advising him with a hope that he will repent and not repeating the same thing again. And again, a chuckle from him ended our conversation.

Prior to CV Workshop, I was at home waiting for Asar. Later, when it is time for Asar prayer, I prayed while X watches television. After finish my prayer, I ask him to pray but he literally ignored me and continue laughing to the jokes on the television screen. Don’t think bad about X, I’m sure he did not intentionally ignore me. So told him to pray again, and he said “huh? Okay” and continue watching TV. So I got myself ready and went together with X to the CV Workshop.

As the workshop going, I had a glance at the clock and saw that Maghrib prayer will be starting soon. So I asked him whether he want to pray Asar or not. He answers, “I don’t know”. So I said a couple of times, “go pray Asar, the mosque is already near.” He kept hesitating and then replied, “Don’t force me.” I was really shocked because this is the first time he replied such word when I told him to pray or pray together. Usually he is the one who kept asking me to pray together. I was speechless at that time and stop talking to him.

There is a mix of feeling between anger and sadness at that time. Well actually the feeling stays until today. I’m angry and sad because a Muslim, born and raised as a Muslim, is reluctant to pray and also how lightly they treat Islam teachings.

I’ll pray that X will repent and may Allah give ’hidayah’ to him and us all.

p/s: Sorry for my imperfect English. Still working to be better. :)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

To Do List..


Studying abroad really makes me miss my love ones and of course Malaysia itself. The thought of doing things and visiting places here (University of Nottingham) had make me think of the places in Malaysia that I haven't been. I can assure you I did not explore Malaysia to the fullest. So here I would list down my to-do-list when I return back to Malaysia after finishing my studies here.

  1. Main Layang-layang
  2. Pusing Malaysia (tempat tourist slalu pergi)
  3. Makan makanan traditional Malaysia banyak-banyak
  4. Panjat bukit broga
  5. Panjat Gunung Ledang
  6. Main Go-Kart
  7. Main / belajar Archery
  8. I-City Shah Alam
  9. Tengok Teater di Istana Budaya
  10. Ice Skating
  11. Langkawi
  12. The Click Shop
  13. Cameron Highland 
  14. Taman Botani, Putrajaya
  15. Tgk match Kelantan and Malaysia (bola sepak)
  16. Bukit Tinggi
  17. FRIM Kepong
  18. Taman Cahaya Seri Alam, Shah Alam
  19. Genting Highland
  20. Skytrek
  21. ATV Adventure Park
  22. Ikan Bakar Melaka

p/s: List akan sentiasa di update. kalau ada cadangan, comment kat bawah ek. boleh masuk dalam list kalau menarik. hehe. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Latest Update. :D

Assalamualaikaum semua.

Yes! Sampai pun kat UK, sejak sekian lama berharap dan hampir putus harapan, akhirnya ada jgk rezeki belajar setahun kat University of Nottingham, UK. Walaupun setahun, kena guna masa yuang ada sebaik mungkin untuk belajar and jalan-jalan. Bukan selalu boleh sampai sini kan. hehe.

Masa and fly, kat airport, ramai jgk la yang menghantar. Kawan la, family cousin semua tu of course la kan. hehe. Banyak jgk pesan tangkap gambar banyak - banyak and post kat facebook semua kan. So ada satu hari ni pusing - pusing la Nottingham sikit. Sikit je. Pergi tempat nama Beeston. nk pergi beli groceries, tp saja la jalan sambil amik gambar. Hari yang cantik, matahari bersinar, xda hujan pun, tp jalan kat matahari dgn baju dua tiga lapis still rasa sejuk. kadang2 boleh mengigil jgk la. hidung ngn jari semua rasa kebas.

Okay sambung ambil gambar td. On the way jalan ke Beeston ni, nampak pemandangan cantik sangat. Daun dah start kuning2 and gugur2. pokok dia sini banyak and besar-besar jgk la. Memang enjoy tangkap gambar. Gambar-gambar taman, Gambar-gambar uni and macam-macam lagi.

So dah penat jalan, dah beli barang semua, balik la rumah. buka laptop, cari cable camera. cari-cari dalam beg camera, tak jumpa. tertinggal kat Malaysia rupanya. sabar jela. Cari-cari memory card reader pun tak ada. Nak pinjam orang punya, bila keluarkan memory card dari camera, punya la besar memory card dia, memang tak muat reader kawan. sabar jela. dah excited dah nk post gambar. hehe. Tak da rezeki lagi la orang nk tengok gambar-gambar tu. hehe. Tak cantik pun, tapi because I'm the one who took the pictures, so I'm going to say the picture is quite good. Haha. Baik puji diri dulu sebelum dengar kritik-kritik orang. hehe

So, itu jela nk bagitahu sekarang. Alhamdulillah, walaupun tak sihat sepenuhnya, tengah batuk and selsema, tp insyaAllah nanti sembuh la tu. and sakit pun tak teruk kan.

Okay, tunggu update gambar-gambar bila dah boleh upload nnt. Thanks for reading.

Assalamualaikum. :)