Wednesday, November 4, 2015

a little update of me.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!!!

I'm sure you guys missed me right?? haha. It has been exactly 1 year and 5 month or 74 weeks or 518 days, since I last post something on my blog and it was about me graduating. Oh my, almost one and a half year since I left University. 

Sorry guys, to lazy and tired to write. But no worries, I'll get you all up to speed in this post. 

Here goes.... So, I am now working as a site engineer, and have been working since July 2014.
Yup, you guys heard me, already 1 year and 4 month. I started working one month after my final paper. I felt so blessed and cool and great and lucky to get a job even before my graduation ceremony. Although I did not get to work in my preferred company, I am thankful that I have a job. It is really hard to get a job now. So cannot be picky. and also with almost zero knowledge in the workforce, I cannot place high expectation. am I right??

So, if you guys wondering, what am I doing as a site engineer? What is my scope of work?
Listed below are some of what I do.

1. Prepare daily reports
2. Prepare wastage reports
3. Monitoring and tracking site progress
4. Managing workers and sub-contractors for constructions of bored piles, pilecap, column, crosshead, beams, parapet and kerbs.

Yup, I did all this in the past year. I can tell you, it is not as easy as I wrote, cause the quantity and size of the structures built is not small. and with the additional of internal problems rises. It did not helped as well.

Oh, forgot to mention, I work in a construction company which focus on building bridges and elevated highways. 

And...... My first project is AKLEH phase 2. It is an extension of AKLEH from Jelatek interchange to MRR2 interchange. It's open for traffic by the way. Yesterday (3/11/2015). If you guys have the time, or living close, you are welcome to test drive on the new road. But I cannot give any discount on toll. sorry, way out of my power. Haha. 

I was thinking of sharing my experience on site. The problems faced, the happy moments, the frustration period, the down time, and so on. But maybe in the next post okay? Too much words in one post is not good. Even my short post are boring, you can tell how boring it will be if I wrote longer. haha. 

Alright, see you guys soon. have a nice day/night. where ever you are. 

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