Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Undergraduate study completed.

31st May 2014 marks my last day of undergraduate studies. Didn't felt much sadness though. A friend of mine, whom already started his first professional job in Prasarana Sdn Bhd (Malaysia largest public transport provider) on 5th May 2014, had been saying how sad he is for not being able to spend more time with friends, ISOC brothers and so on. I had advice him to be grateful for not many got the chance to secure a job before their undergrad studies completed. Obviously, at that time I didn't feel what he felt. After finishing my last paper, my friend starts working again two days later. I haven't got the chance to meet him after our last paper. I was not on campus nor near Semenyih for two days. 

Today, I went to TTS to clear up my things from the house I rented during study period. I went to the Nottingham mosque, prayed Zohor and Asar, and greet brothers after prayer, telling them that I'm leaving for home. This is the part where I started to feel very sad to leave Nottingham Uni. The day today was not that sunny, clouds covered the skies and drizzly rain through out the afternoon till evening. Winds are strong, blowing the trees when I walk toward the mosque. The perfect weather to accompany a sorrow feeling. 

As I walk, I observe the landscape of the campus, the building itself, students and staff. I couldn't believe that it has been 5 years since I first entered this university for my foundation. This uni had given me valuable experience and memories. Though not all are happy, but it is an experience that help me grew to be more mature and independent. I am much grateful to make friends here. Regardless of any background, race and gender differences, they all had played an important role in my life. 

Being in the last stage of my undergrad life (waiting to start working and graduation) I felt a bit regret for not fully using my 5 years time here to make more friends, built networks, confidence, and enhance any skills. And the ironic part is, I wish studied more to gain first class degree, in the same time, play and enjoy to the fullest. Too bad my time management wasn't that good during the early years of degree. 

Given the chance to meet my past, I would definitely give these advices. 

  1. Study smart and hard but don't forget to play equally hard. 
  2. Enjoy university life but always remember Allah.
  3. Actively join the Islamic Society Community from the first time you enter Nottingham Uni.
  4. Mingle around meet new people, build networks, you'll never know what's ahead.
  5. Always strive to improve without having to feel ashamed of your weaknesses. This is where the weaknesses isn't a matter.
  6. Be a good Muslim and always learn for the sake of Allah. 
  7. Remember, if you want the world to change, It must starts from yourself. 

To end this post, I would forward my sincere gratitude to my final year project (FYP) supervisor, Mr Ioannes Tang for the support given in completing my project. Also a moral support and advice in my studies and future planning. 

Many thanks to my friends with their supports especially to Hazwani Haris and Nik Izzat. I love you guys. Best girlfriend and companion ever. I don't know what to do if you guys are not around. Good luck with your future endeavour. I'll make doa that you guys will gain success in both now and in the hereafter.

A token of appreciation for The University of Nottingham for the opportunity given to study here. Thank you for all the experience.  

Last but not least, many thanks to my parents for believing me and entrusted me to study here in University of Nottingham both Malaysia Campus and UK Campus. As well as their support throughout my five years of study here. Not to mention financial support. :D

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