Saturday, December 14, 2013

Change your Attitude, Change the World.

Assalamualaikum and hello readers,

Today will be an interesting post. At least it is more interesting from my previous post. I think. :p I've been talking about this to my close friends a lot. Now I think I need to spread it so that others will have the same realisation if they still don't. Okay, here goes.

I've been in United Kingdom (UK) last year for studying, to be exact, Nottingham, UK. I've been listening to so many stories about people in UK before. How ethic they are, how polite they are, how great the facilities is, how reliable the public transport is.  So, last year, 2012 to 2013, I've experience most of it. It's true, people over there are friendly, the drivers will say 'hi' when we board the bus, people say thank you to the bus drivers before getting off the bus, and the cashier will greet you with a smile. I felt very welcome over there. To be honest, there is one point that I feel like I'm actually home, except for the amount of British people. :p

Going there really broadens my mind. I've a thought. Why Malaysians cannot be like the British, in terms of the reliability of public transport, the cleanliness of the toilets. Oh, and they are also polite on the road. You can hardly find people overtake using the emergency lane, people don't tail gate that much, during my stay there, I never encounter people tailgating. I can list more, but that is not the point of my post today. It's not that I'm not grateful being a Malaysian, is just that, I want Malaysia to be better that any other country. 

I had had a thought about this, I've been analysing, and I think, the root problem is attitude. Why our toilets are dirty? Why we have so many road bullies? Why our public transports are is not reliable? One of the reasons is attitude. We have developed selfishness in ourselves. We don't take responsible and like to pass it to others.

For example, you just use the toilet, and refuse to flush, or even clean up the mess you made just because you think the cleaner should do it. 

Another example, you are driving and stuck in a traffic jam. The bus lane or the emergency lane is empty, so you go into the lane and overtake others just because you're in a hurry. Other people will be furious and follow you. 

Another one, at the traffic light, you've queued long enough, the green light is too short, so you decided to go even the light has turn yellow or even red. 

I think you can think of more things that should not happen right?

Here, I would like to urge all to stop the wrong doings. Try to think about our actions. We usually heard people complaining, but no action was taken by the complainers.

I believe that if you want to gain something, if you want people to act the right way, we must not being affected by others and start to change ourselves. If you want people to abide by the traffic laws, you should start abide it first. If you want people to stop being rude to others, make sure you are polite always, if you want people to leave the toilet as clean and dry as possible, you should make sure you leave it as you want to enter it. 

Change start from you. Don't wait for others to start. Change your mentality and urge others to change as well. Show a good example to other. InsyaAllah Malaysia will be better in the long run. Why wait when you can start now. Maybe it's hard at first, but when we educate others, it will eventually be easier as people will spread it themselves. 

So people, if you have been trying to spread this, please continue this kind act. I support you guys 100%, just make sure to be patient. Remember, while doing this, InsyaAllah Allah will give us reward. Do it with sincerity. 

For those who just having a realization, or probably still thinking about this, please act now. There's nothing to lose, it's for the better of the future. We should let go of our previous attitude and help Malaysia to improve.

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