Saturday, December 7, 2013

Group Design Project brief Story.

Hello there readers. As usual, I'll use the same excuse again and again. I was busy. haha. But seriously guys, it's true, I am. Final year is like being a real engineer. A few projects need to be handle in one time, lots of dateline to meet, meeting here and there and etcetera. hehe.

Oh, this will just be a boring introduction, so If you guys want to read about my Group design Project, do scroll down and start at the blue phrase. 

Sooooo, cut short, next week will be my last week for this semester. yay? not? I don't know whether I should be happy or not. Yes, I'll have a three week 'holiday'. (actually study week la. hehe.)

But then again, I have loads of work, projects and studying to be done. 4 years in University of Nottingham (Foundation til 3rd year) is not as tough and as busy as my final year. Well, the degree clearly stated it's Masters in Engineering (MEng), almost the same level with Postgrad Masters, what do I expect right? haha.

Actually, I have lots of things to talk about. The Idea to write a post is always running back and forth in my mind, but when I have free time, it all gone. Hiding at places in my mind where I myself cannot find. Haha.

So now, I make my own free time to sit down and find those ideas back.

(hello brain, can I come in? I'm looking for my ideas.)

annnnddd another but comes in. I don't know where to start. haha. Too many things to talk about, but which one to choose? hmm, I'm lack of writing blogs skills la. anyone can help me?? hehe.

I'll just choose any topic that comes to my mind right now. So, I'm goin to talk about my Group Design Project (GDP). haha. okay, this will be a boring post (as if my previous post all was interesting). But if you guys are interested to know, continue reading okay?? Okay, thank you.

Okay, so finish with the introduction above, we go straight to GDP. hehe

My GDP topic is 5-Star Majestic Hotel, KL. So briefly, Hotel Majestic was built in 1930s, and me and my group are called to do construction and refurbishments on the Hotel. You can google Majestic Hotel KL, it is an existing building, just reopened in 2012. but we did not design that la. what we design and calculate is not ready yet. but need to submit it next week. (I'M GOING CRAZYY!!!)

So, we started quite bad. throughout the project, we had first, an initial presentation, then comes individual viva, final presentation, and lastly, submitting reports. In our initial presentation, there are about I think more than 6 lecturers and 2 more groups. We started the presentation well, but when it come to the design part, it was very bad. We even being asked to finish our presentation quickly. I assume because it's boring and not good. Right after finish presenting, one lecturer raise his hand and said, "so, I'm going to start comment first. This group is not good." Then he grinned and said "because none of the members in my group took Finite Element (his module)" and continue grinning. So the joking part was over. The faces of each lecturer are all serious and it's like there is lots of question marks on their faces. some look angry and unsatisfied. They ask questions, bashing us that our presentation is not good, no links between other members and so on.

But after finish commenting, there is still positive comments from them.  "The concept and idea is good, the only thing is how you present it. keep up the good work, consider what we've comments."

So, now the stressful period starts. I'm the group leader and I felt a heavy burden on my back. Thinking how to catch up with time as we need to redesign. Oh, I forgot to tell you, this group project is a complex project, means lecturer cannot help.

In the same time, we final year civil engineering student have another final year project (fyp). 2 projects in one year. botak kepala macam ni. hehe.

I encounter difficulties with my group members. At one time, everyone is doing their work not according to what we have discuss and agreed. Making the project is not link together.

During individual viva, our supervisor and moderator comment that my team management is not good as they did not see the link between the works done. Everyone did their work according to themselves. I was to blame.

After individual viva, I was more stern and I improved my management skills. Making sure everything works according to plan. At least most of it according to plan. hehe.

I would like to tell you guys what exactly each member did until I was furious. But.... nahh. no need to kan? hehe.

Finally, before final presentation, we had stayed for hours in meeting rooms and did our works. About two to three days we did that to make sure I know what everyone did, and making sure everyone knows about the progress.

During our presentation, surprisingly, we did very well. Our supervisor and moderator both impressed on the improvement we have made . Yeay!! hehe. what a relief. Now, need to focus on fyp then GDP report.

The End.

Sorry for the boring post guys. next time i'll try to make it more interesting. hehe.

Bye, Assalamualaikum. :)

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