Friday, March 15, 2013

A First Experience with a Muslim who Declines to Pray

Assalamualaikum. It has been awhile, again, hehe. I think every time I want to post something in my blog, I should put 'it has been awhile. :p hehe. How are you readers? Hope this post find you guys in great health and condition.

Yesterday, I attended a CV Workshop special for Nottingham Malaysian Society (NMS) members. I remembered that someone I know did not pray asar yet. He kept telling me that he had missed most of the time since… Well, let me tell you his side of the story, at least what he had told me.

The situation is sort of like this. Let’s call the person I’m talking about as X. X had missed some of the ‘solat fardhu’ in a day and someone knew about this (not sure how that person knew) and had advise him about the sins of not performing prayer, which is a good thing actually. Unfortunately, that guy did it in a harsh way. So X had a grudge with that guy decided not to perform ‘solat’ and let the guy be responsible for all the sins X made for not perform ‘solat’.

Reminiscing the time when a friend of mine told stories about how we should advice people, I start to admonish X as best as I could.  Alhamdulillah, he listens to me and accepts it with a small laugh. So, next two days, I saw him again and he kept telling me that he had missed 9 prayers in a row. So I continue advising him with a hope that he will repent and not repeating the same thing again. And again, a chuckle from him ended our conversation.

Prior to CV Workshop, I was at home waiting for Asar. Later, when it is time for Asar prayer, I prayed while X watches television. After finish my prayer, I ask him to pray but he literally ignored me and continue laughing to the jokes on the television screen. Don’t think bad about X, I’m sure he did not intentionally ignore me. So told him to pray again, and he said “huh? Okay” and continue watching TV. So I got myself ready and went together with X to the CV Workshop.

As the workshop going, I had a glance at the clock and saw that Maghrib prayer will be starting soon. So I asked him whether he want to pray Asar or not. He answers, “I don’t know”. So I said a couple of times, “go pray Asar, the mosque is already near.” He kept hesitating and then replied, “Don’t force me.” I was really shocked because this is the first time he replied such word when I told him to pray or pray together. Usually he is the one who kept asking me to pray together. I was speechless at that time and stop talking to him.

There is a mix of feeling between anger and sadness at that time. Well actually the feeling stays until today. I’m angry and sad because a Muslim, born and raised as a Muslim, is reluctant to pray and also how lightly they treat Islam teachings.

I’ll pray that X will repent and may Allah give ’hidayah’ to him and us all.

p/s: Sorry for my imperfect English. Still working to be better. :)

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