Saturday, July 2, 2011

small gathering..

Miss you guys. Everyone has grown a lot. From short to tall, small to big.. :p people used to say, "dah besar dah semua, makin handsome, makin cantik." Yesterday gathering was terrific. Lots of foods, lots of pictures taken. It was at Kelab Tasik Putrajaya. We can see the whole Masjid Putrajaya from the spot we picnicked.

cantik tak? :D

Taken using my dad's dslr. quite leceh. hehe sorry ayah. and the lens, ada wide angle je. Still amateur kan my photography skills? hehe i want to edit, but don't know how to use photoshop. but still cantik kan picture ni? hihi. So we had a lots of fun, well I did. :D variety of food eaten. sedap yang teramat. Quarrelling and pangkah2 orang. haha. Spending time, talking, share experiences, story and many more.

credit to sadid n his D7000.. :)
these are those who came yesterday  :) thanks guys.

thanks guys for coming, and for those yang tak sempat datang, next time datang ya.. :) And for those yang organise this picnic, thanks for organising, next time organise more gathering ya. nice meeting you guys back. Makes me reminiscing about dulu2.. :)  Next time biar lagi ramai datang. :)

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