Sunday, July 3, 2011

A question to myself..

What makes a blog being so famous? Is it because the content? Is it because the post? or Is it because the person who own the blog? hhhmmm. Well there are so many things that can be the cause kan? What encourage people to write a blog? Is it because they use it as an alternative to writing a journal or diary? or is it because of the money people can gain for the blog itself? 

For myself, at first, i want to make money, but I don't really know what to post, making my blog so empty and I haven't update it for about a year. Even i don't gain anything, not even a cent. At that time, I feel updating this blog is a waste of time. But now, I think I'll try to post everyday life experience and try to share knowledge especially about Islam. Hope that my post can widen other people's knowledge and give 'kesedaran' for those related to my posts.


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