Thursday, June 23, 2011


Assalamualaikum.. Hey guys.. Okay for starters, let me introduce myself. 

Name: Aiman. :) 
Age: 21years old.
Occupation: Civil Engineering student
Place of work: The University of Nottingham         Malaysia Campus sahaja.. hihi.. 

Okay done with that. Now, about me.. Yeay!!! (Okay, a bit exaggerating).

I'm an average person.. Normal I guess.. Haha.. Well, I'm a happy go lucky person. Sometimes, I can be very talkative but also a shy person. when I'm in a place where there's no one I know, i'll be like... em.. very malu la.. hehe.. but after dapat kawan, i'll be friendly.. So guys who don't know me yet, don't judge me first kay.. kesian lah saya.. hihi.. Oh, and i have a funny laugh, sorry but i can't help it.. :D

That enough la.. cannot tell too much about me.. or else CIA can easily detect me.. haha.. okay2 i know.. i like to prasan a lot.. hehe.. okay guys.. welcome to my blog, enjoy reading it n feel free to comment..  :)

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